Baby Showers

Please, bear with me as I navigate this whole blogging world. I’m not really sure where to begin in my story, but I’m going to write what comes to my heart.

Baby showers are a hard territory for those trying to conceive. Baby showers can be so fun- all those cute onesies, the glowing mom-to-be, the soft, cuddly blankets. But, for an infertile woman, everything that a baby shower represents is a struggle. I know it sounds selfish, but with how hard the infertility diagnosis can be in itself, it’s important that we infertile people protect ourselves mentally and emotionally. Sometimes just passing by the baby section in Target can spark a flood of tears let alone buying gifts for a wonderful mama-to-be. As much as we may want to be at that baby shower and want to go shopping for those cute baby items, we know how hard it is and how much it may affect us during and after the shower. During the beginning of our infertility struggle, I tried to make it through all these events because I wanted to support my friends. But, after reading many books and other infertility blogs, I came to recognize that many other women feel the same way as me. Now, I understand that it is okay to feel the way that I do and that people cope with the diagnosis differently than others.

So, please understand when and if we don’t attend your baby shower or children’s birthday parties. It’s not that we don’t want to be there, trust me, we do. But, we don’t want to make it awkward for you and sometimes we just need to protect ourselves emotionally. Infertility is hard enough to have to go through, so sometimes it’s necessary to censor other parts of our lives. We are happy for you and your precious miracle and wish you all the happiness in the world. And, we hope that one day we will be able to attend your child’s birthday parties and throw your next baby shower and walk through Babies R Us without the agonizing pain of infertility on our hearts.

And, of course, for your education:



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