“To Travel is to live.” -Hans Christian Andersen

The top three questions that I get asked are:

“When are you going to have a baby?” (All you others trying to conceive will understand just how much this question hurts. More about this later.)

And, “How do you travel so much?”

And, “Where are you going to next?”

My husband and I try to travel frequently. It’s our favorite thing to do together. It doesn’t matter where we go or for how long, we just enjoy getting away. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a weeklong European adventure, we love it all. I’m blessed in that we both love hot and cold climates, so really no region is off limits. I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t have the same love of traveling as me. When I say we love it, I mean we LOVE it. We count down the days until our next vacation. I have a special Christmas tree dedicated to ornaments from all the places we’ve been. I have an entire wall in my house that is travel themed. We have a bank account that is dedicated to traveling.

I’m also very blessed because Evan has a very flexible job where he can take off pretty much when he wants. And he can work from anywhere. In addition, since I’m a nurse, I work twelve hour shifts, so that means I have more days off per week since I work longer shifts. And, because of my schedule, I have a three-day weekend every weekend. This has allowed us so many opportunities to enjoy weekend travel.

But, my main point is, traveling has become even more important since struggling with infertility. Two years ago, we decided that we wanted to go to Europe before we had kids; and we did go to Europe and loved it. Here we are, two years later, and we’ve been to Europe for a second time along with many other places. We didn’t plan on trying to have a baby taking so long and though we probably could have and should have been saving up money since so much has been allotted to in-vitro fertilization, we’ve still been traveling. ALOT. It’s so important to Evan and I. It’s been so good in our marriage for us to experience new cities and other cultures. It’s brought us closer together as a couple. And, traveling helps me with my infertility. It gives me something to look forward to. It’s a great reprieve from the day to day struggles of this disease. It gives us stories to be able to tell our kids one day, God willing we’re able to have children. Traveling has been almost like a therapy to me during our struggle with infertility. I wouldn’t trade our travel experiences for anything (except a baby, of course.)

So, for all of you who ask how we travel so much, I don’t know. We just do. It’s so important to us. Some spend a lot of money on clothes, some have a really, really nice house, some save everything they make, some remodel their house, and we travel. I probably should be saving money for my future child’s college since all of that has now gone to conceive them, but for now, we’re taking it day by day and trying to enjoy this season of waiting. It’s still hard. I still think about infertility every second of every day. But, traveling helps. For all others going through infertility, I definitely think you should try it out. (And no, I won’t say, “Maybe you’ll get pregnant while on vacation.” I know how much those remarks suck.)

Fact about infertility:

Only FIFTEEN states have a mandate that requires the state to cover some part of infertility under insurance. Only EIGHT of those states have insurance that covers IVF.


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