Drawing from others

I like to follow other infertility blogs and read about other people’s experiences. Recently, I came upon a blog that was started by a community group at my church, Bent Tree Bible. This blog is not only an infertility blog, but also covers other topics such as loss, pregnancy, parenting, etc etera. I read every story on this blog, and a particular paragraph really spoke to me. With permission from the author, I wanted to share that paragraph.

“He has taught me that hope is the only thing stronger than fear. I have no idea what our future holds or how the Lord plans for us to grow our family, but I do know that He certainly has a plan, and regardless of how our children come to us, they are already His.”-Anna Grisham from the blog http://www.gloryinhermidst.com

Wow. The first and last sentence. I’ve read this paragraph over and over and it gives me so much peace. Hope is the thing that keeps me going through all these infertility tests and trials. Hope overcomes all my fear of the bad that could happen. Hopefully these words speak to someone else like they did to me.

Did you know: About one-third of infertility is attributed to the female, one-third to the male, and a third is caused by either a combination of problems in both partners or is unexplained. -www.resolve.org 2015



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