Hey y’all! Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you leave feeling encouraged and maybe learn a thing or two!

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Welcome to my page. Blogging is a completely foreign territory to me so bear with me. I decided to do this blog with the main goal of education and encouragement in mind. If what I’ve gone through can help one person then this blog is worth it. (As a plus, it’s a great therapy and stress-reliever for me!) This blog will be hard for me as it unleashes a very personal struggle going on in my life. So, here are a few details:

-I am a sinner saved by grace. I am lucky enough to have been raised by loving Christian parents and gone to fabulous private Christian schools that have helped to grow my faith. I attend Bent Tree Bible Church. My journey would be absolutely impossible without my faith in Jesus.

-My husband and I have been together since 2007 (Juniors in high school at good ole Carrollton Christian Academy).

-We got married in June of 2012.

-He truly is my best friend, confidant, supporter, and encourager. I wouldn’t be able to bear this journey without him.

-I’m a registered nurse at one of the largest labor and delivery units in the United States.(This adds a particularly difficult aspect to my infertility journey that I will discuss later.)

-Sometimes I feel as though my job is a mission field. Working at a county hospital I care for many indigent patients. My job is very busy, high-strung, sad, happy, and rewarding. But, I feel as though I’m meant to be there.

-My husband left the corporate finance world and is now a business owner with his high school friend. (Yep, I’m a proud wife.)

-We have been trying to conceive since April of 2015. (or TTC for you other infertile people, Holla!)

-We have tried countless infertility measures which I’ll highlight throughout my blog.

Thank you for visiting. My main goal is that you may leave encouraged and educated about the struggles of infertility.

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